Oval Gear Flow Meters

Oval Gear Flow Meters

The Trimec Flow Products TF Series Oval Gear PD flowmeters offer a high level of accuracy turndown & repeatability. These precision meters are used for flow rate measurement in flow monitoring & control application and for totalizing in dispensing and batching. Micropulse gear meters are suitable for use with a wide range of clean liquids including viscous lubricants, chemicals, food bases & non-conductive low viscosity solvents either pumped or gravity fed.

Principles of Operation

The Oval Gear Flow meter uses two fine-toothed meshed gears that are oval in shape and engage each other in a precision machined body. This fluid is transferred sequentially from the inlet to the outlet and one ore two pulses are transmitted for each revolution of the gear. Embedded within the gear, a pair of chemically resistant magnets provide the external signals. Detection of the rotation uses either a reed switch or a Hall effect sensor on the outside of the fluid housing. A choice of materials allows the meters to be used in a variety of corrosive applications.

The equipment is suitable for use in hazardous areas, and the basic meter is classed as simple apparatus, enabling use in monitoring flows of low viscosity hydrocarbons, fuels and solvents.


  • High accuracy repeatability.
  • Measure low high viscosity liquids.
  • Optional electronic registers.
  • Certified Exd hazardous area versions in all sizes.
  • No need for flow conditioning (straight pipe run etc.)
  • Quadrature pulse output option & bi-directional flow.
  • Specialty high pressure meters for mining & exploration.
Standard Options
High resolution output, Explosionproof, integral and remote LCD totaliser-batch totaliser, flow rate totalisers, scaled pulse, 4~20mA and flow alarm outputs, electronic batch controllers and pulse processing modules.


Although not exhaustive, the following list represents the range of fluids that can be used with the oval gear flowmeter.

  • Measurements of sugar solutions, syrups, oils, sauces, beverages, honey, molasses, milk products, juices, chocolate and coatings in the food industry
  • Alcohols, syrups, glycerines and coatings in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Shampoos, gels, perfumes and creams in the cosmetics industry
  • Fuels, lubricants and petro derivatives in the oil and gas industries
  • Chemicals, fluoride and acids in the water and wastewater industry
  • Wax finishes, perfumes, dyes and acids in the pulp and paper industries
  • Solvents and inks in the printing industry
  • Transmission fluid and hydraulic oil in the automotive industry
  • Dyes, bleach and chemicals in the textile industry
  • Oils, gasoline and kerosene in the petroleum industry
  • Solvent and latex based paints