Turbine Meters

Turbine Meters

PT Turbopulse turbine flowmeter series measure flows of low viscosity liquids from 27 to 4500 litres/min in a range of sizes from 1″ to 4″ (25mm~100mm).

The PT series have an axial rotor and flow guides, the PT series needs to be installed in straight sections of pipe either horizontal or vertical so that the flow is conditioned. The PT series has Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) approvals. Meters are available in Flanged or Threaded versions.

The PT meter series is robust, compact & take little space in the piping system. Applications include fuels, alcohols, solvents, insecticides, milk, chemicals, water & light hydraulic oils.

Principles of Operation

The basic construction of turbine flow meters includes a bladed turbine rotor which is axially suspended in the pipe.  As the fluid flows through the pipe, it causes the rotor to spin on its axis at a speed which is proportional to the velocity of the fluid.  The passage of each rotor is sensed by the turbine meter using gears, photoelectric cell or magnetic pickup installed on the outside of the flow tube or the meter body, adjacent to the perimeter of the rotor.


  • High accuracy & repeatability
  • Low cost of ownership, wide flow range
  • Rugged & compact design
  • Certified Exd & I.S. hazardous area versions
  • Quadrature pulse output option
  • Integral or remote pre-amplifiers & flow instruments
  • ±0.15% custody transfer models available